Finding a Lawyer

The following services can assist you in finding a lawyer to advise or represent you. If you are looking for low-cost legal assistance, see the section Legal Clinics and Services.

You can also find lawyers listed in the Yellow Pages or ask for recommendations from family or friends.

CPLEA Suggested Resources

Not sure where to begin finding answers to your questions. Get started with our suggested resources. See additional resources below for more information.

The Limited Legal Services Project is about helping lawyers provide more limited legal services to more clients, and about letting people who might not otherwise be able to hire a lawyer know that other options are available. Check out their Guide for Clients which is intended to help clients understand the legal service options available, and whether limited legal services are right for you. The site also provides a listing of Alberta lawyers participating in the Limited Legal Services Project.  

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The Lawyer Referral Service is a program operated by the Law Society to assist people in finding a lawyer who will provide them with the legal services they require. It is an information service and is not connected with Legal Aid - nor does it provide any form of financially subsidized legal service.

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Legal Aid Alberta provides quality, effective legal advice and representation that enables eligible Albertans to resolve their legal issues; Eligibility guidelines are on its web site. It is an independent, publicly funded, not-for-profit organization that provides a broad range of services in family law (including emergency protection orders) and child welfare, adult criminal law, youth criminal law, immigration and refugee services and some civil legal areas (adult guardianship / trusteeship and income supports and government benefits).

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If you have been charged with an offence, SLS's volunteer law student caseworkers are able to act as your agent (representative) in the Provincial Court of Alberta. SLS caseworkers act under the supervision of advising lawyers. The program can help low income Albertans  SLS provides information on assault, impaired diriving, driver's license suspenstion arrest warrants jaywalking tickets, traffice offences, pardons and criminal record suspension and more...

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Alberta Resources

This directory provides a listing of services available in your specific region. You can search by location and category for social and legal services available in Alberta.

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This is a service provided by the Alberta Office of the Child and Youth Advocate. Anyone can make a request for a lawyer for a young person.  A court order is not needed.

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Pro Bono Law Alberta (PBLA) is a nonprofit organization that promotes access to justice in Alberta by creating and promoting opportunities for lawyers to provide pro bono (free) legal services to persons of limited means. PBLA does not provide direct support to members of the public; their website lists clinics and projects that may be helpful to individuals. Lawyers on PBLA's volunteer roster are available to provide assistance on legal issues that impact non profits and charities such as: policy/governance; employment law and contracts; volunteer waivers;  incorporation; or charitable registration.

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This is a French language website. This online directory of legal services is provided by Association des juristes d’expression française de l'Alberta . Users can find contact information for French-speaking lawyers and other legal services including translation.  Search by name, profession, practice domain or region of the province. 

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Student Legal Services of Edmonton (SLS) is a student-managed, non-profit society dedicated to helping low-income individuals in Edmonton and area understand their legal issues and solve their legal problems. SLS focuses on four projects: Civil & Family Law (landlord/tenant matters, contracts, WCB/AISH/CPP/EI hearings, family law matters, uncontested divorces, and more); Criminal Law (SLS provides basic criminal law information and represents individuals charged with relatively minor criminal and quasi-criminal offences); Legal Education and Reform (community lectures and outreach programs, and research on poverty-related law reform issues); and Pro Bono Students of Canada (legal research for non-profit organizations).

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A free service from LexisNexis Canada designed specifically for individuals and small businesses that allows users to search for lawyers by geographic region, area of expertise, or specific names, as well as providing you with up-to-date and relevant legal information. 

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The Collaborative Family Law Process is about cooperation, not confrontation where clients sign a contract agreeing not to go to court. It is mediation and problem solving with collaborative lawyers where clients try to understand each other. Each client is responsible for information gathering and solutions. This website features general information about collaborative law (definitions, process, resources) and a list of collaborative law professionals in Alberta.

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The Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC) is the national coordinating body of the Canada’s 14 law societies mandated to regulate Canada’s 95,000 lawyers and Quebec’s 3,500 notaries.  Each law society governs the legal profession within their respective province or territory and, as such, is reponsible for dealing with complaints from the public about the profession. The Federation is the voice of Canada’s law societies on a wide range of issues critical to the protection of the public and the rule of law, including solicitor-client privilege, the importance of an independent and impartial judiciary, and the role of the legal profession in the administration of justice.

Related legal topic(s): Lawyers, Legal process is a network of law firms in cities across Canada that focus on one particular area of law. Users of the site can search for local lawyers in the practice area required. From the homepage, users can also access the Legal Information Centre. It provides articles relating to the Canadian legal system and features podcasts from Canadian lawyers.

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The Indigenous Bar Association (IBA) is a non-profit professional organization for Indian, Inuit and Métis persons trained in the field of law. Its membership consists of Indigenous lawyers (practicing and non-practicing), judges, law professors, legal consultants and law students. As the field of Indigenous law develops, the public is becoming more aware and interested in Indigenous legal issues. The IBA plays an active role in promoting the development of Indigenous law and supporting Indigenous legal practitioners.

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The Law Society recognizes that First Nation, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) peoples may face unique access to justice challenges. The society has published  the following 3 resources especially for indigenous peoples:

  1. Guide: Handling Everyday Legal Problems
  2. Fact Sheet: What the Law Society does
  3. Fact Sheet: Working with a lawyer or paralegal
Related legal topic(s): Legal services is a collaboratively built website with research resources maintained by the site administrators, and legal literature contributed by lawyers in the Canadian legal community. They also provide a directory of Canadian lawyers.

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This site maintained by the Law Society of Upper Canada links to the websites of law societies and similar bodies which regulate legal practitioners in other jurisdictions. These websites typically provide contact information, descriptions of member programs and services, news, and notices to the legal profession. In addition, many law society sites now include the full text of relevant legislation, rules of professional conduct, committee reports, and recent issues of the organization's publications

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