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Media communications are a big part of modern life. Featured below are resources about the regulation and impact of various forms of mass media.

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Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) is Canada's independent advertising self-regulatory body. ASC was founded by the advertising industry more than fifty years ago on the belief that advertising self-regulation best serves the interests of the public and the advertising industry. ASC is dedicated to creating and maintaining community confidence in advertising. They handle consumer complaints about advertising.

Related legal topic(s): Communications and media, Consumer protection and fraud

This is a publication of the Canadian Justice Council which seeks to foster discussion on the role of both judges and reporters in giving the public a better understanding of issues relating to the administration of justice in Canada.
Related legal topic(s): Communications and media, Legal process

The CRTC is an independent public authority in charge of regulating and supervising Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications.
Related legal topic(s): Communications and media

The Commissioners office assists Canadians in resolving issues about their television service providers. If a Canadian cannot resolve a complaint with a communications service provider - regardless if it is a television service provider, Internet service provider, wireless service provider or telephone service provider - the CCTS will become the single point of contact for obtaining a resolution. All licensed television service providers will hae to become members of the CCTS by Septermber 1, 2017.

Related legal topic(s): Communications and media, Consumer protection and fraud, Contracts, Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

LawNow is a bi-monthly digital public legal education magazine which has been  published by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta for almost 40 years.  Its articles  and columns are written in plain language and take a practical look at how the law relates to the every day lives of Canadians. In each issue, LawNow’s Online Law column takes a look at the resources available on the internet for a specific legal topic.

Related legal topic(s): Internet law and policy