Are you looking for resources that deal with legal issues that may be of interest to parents? Listed below is a selection of resources created for parents about bullying, internet safety, adoption, maternal and paternal leave from employment, protection of children from abuse, and teaching kids about workplace safety and managing money.

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CPLEA Suggested Resources

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Alberta Resources

Alberta Family Mediation Society (AFMS) advocates resolution of family conflict through the use of mediation by qualified professionals. AFMS offers a family-centered conflict resolution process in which an impartial third party (the mediator) helps the participants in negotiating a consensual, informed and fair agreement.

Related legal topic(s): Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

This booklet is provided by the Alberta Human Rights Commission and Alberta Employment and Immigration. Becoming a Parent in Alberta answers frequently asked questions about: human rights protection for pregnant workers; entitlements, rights and responsibilities of working parents-to-be; leave that expectant mothers may take for health reasons during pregnancy and childbirth; the difference between maternity and parental leave and benefits; and how to apply for maternity and parental leave and benefits. (PDF - 33 pages, 2006)

Related legal topic(s): Family law general resources, Human rights, Workers' rights and employment standards

Catholic Social Services is a multi-function social service agency that serves people of all faiths and cultures throughout central Alberta. Founded in 1961, the agency has grown to deliver more than 100 programs.CSS is divided into Service and Program areas offered in five distinct Regions throughout central and northeast Alberta. Major Service areas include: Children, Family, and Community Service,Community Outreach and Disability Service, Immigration and Settlement Service, and Substance Abuse and Corrections Service.

Related legal topic(s): Corrections, Disabilities, Drugs and alcohol, Immigration, Mediation and alternative dispute resolution, Parole, Refugees, Reintegration

Child Find Alberta provides resources at no cost to the public in the prevention and education of missing children. Their website provides safety tips for parents and guardians for abduction and harm prevention and links to Child Find Canada's Missing Childrens' Database.

Related legal topic(s): Advocacy, Crime prevention, Public safety

This booklet provides information on the Alberta Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act and explains what happens when someone calls Child and Family Services on their family.

Related legal topic(s): Child abuse, Family law general resources, Guardianship and trusteeship

This online resource is from the Student Legal Services of Edmonton. Includes information about: What is the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act?; General Information; Appeals; Frequently Asked Questions. This resource is also available for download as a PDF.

Related legal topic(s): Child abuse

The Government of Alberta's FSCD program uses a family-centred approach to provide parents with funding to access a range of supports and services that strengthen their ability to promote their child’s healthy growth and development. In addition, FSCD assists with some of the extraordinary costs of raising a child with a disability.

Related legal topic(s): Disabilities

This online resource is provided by Canadian Legal FAQs, a website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. These FAQs provide information regarding who is eligible for maternity and parental leave, the duration of both leaves, income during these leaves, what is required of you to give to your employer, what is required of the employer, as well as what can expected when you return to work or if you are unable to take maternity/parental leave.

Related legal topic(s): Workers' rights and employment standards

The Virtual Parent Link Centre is a website developed by the Alberta Government that provides information and support for parents and caregivers on how to assist with the learning, development and health of children. From the homepage, users will find a list of help line phone numbers, as well as links to government resources on bullying and family violence, and more.

Related legal topic(s): Health issues

This online resource is from the Student Legal Services of Edmonton. This information is for  non-married parents, Adult Interdependent Partners and married parents not seeking a divorce. Topics include: Who Is A Parent?; Who Is A Guardian?; Parenting Orders; Parenting Time; The “Best Interests” Of The Child; Contact Orders; Court Orders; Frequently Asked Questions. This resource is also available for download as a PDF.

Related legal topic(s): Common law relationships, Custody and access

Parenting: Legal Rights and Responsibilities is produced by the Alberta Aboriginal Legal Education Center and is intended as a legal guidebook for new parents, be they adolescent or adult parents, married or common-law, living apart or together. The guide covers subject matters such as maternity leave and benefits, guardianship, naming and registering, adoption, parental responsibilities, and First Nation/Métis Nation membership and much more.

Related legal topic(s): Family law general resources

The Family Centre exists to foster healthy families in healthy communities. The Centre works to strengthen family wellness and build community capacity through innovative services and collaborative partnerships to engage our most vulnerable families in caring for our children. The Rainbow Pages Youth Resource Guide was developed by The Family Centre to provide LGBTQ+ youth and the youth-serving community a consolidated guide of the supports available in Edmonton.

Related legal topic(s): Sexual assault, Victim support and victim rights


Be Web Aware is a national, bilingual public education program on Internet safety. The initiative was developed and supported by Media Awareness Network (MNet), Bell and Microsoft Canada. The web-based resources are aimed at empowering parents with information so they can help their children make safe and wise online decisions. It's all part of helping young Canadians benefit from the opportunities of the Internet while minimizing the potential risks.

Related legal topic(s): Bullying, Harassment, Hate crime, Internet safety, Sexual assault

Relationship violence can strike anyone, but teenagers are particularly vulnerable to misconceptions about what physical and emotional violence are, and what they mean. If it hurts, dominates or controls, it's not romance! This page from the Red Cross provides links to publications about relationship violence, what is is, what parents can do, and information about what is healthy and unhealthy in relationships.

Related legal topic(s): Bullying, Family violence general resources, Relationship violence

This web page prepared by the Canadian government has information about parental abduction both inside and outside Canada. It describes how to prevent parental abduction, and what Canadian officials in other countries can and can't do to help if your child has been abducted.

Related legal topic(s): Custody and access, Family law general resources, International law

FIRA is a pan-Canadian alliance of individuals, organizations and institutions dedicated to the development and sharing of knowledge focusing on father involvement, and the building of a community-university research alliance supporting this work. Website features research clusters that provide information on and for immigrant fathers, separated and divorced fathers, gay/bi/queer fathers, indigenous fathers, fathers of children with special needs and young fathers.

Related legal topic(s): Child support, Custody and access, Divorce and separation, Research reports and institutes

This booklet has been prepared by Scouts Canada as a source of general information and to provide guidelines only. Children are often faced with choices that affect their development and safety. Some topics, like child abuse - especially sexual abuse are difficult to discuss. (PDF - 22 pages)

Related legal topic(s): Child abuse, Crime prevention

This website from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection has been created to provide you with a one-stop-shop on all things related to Internet safety. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is committed to helping parents, teachers, and anyone else who would like to better understand the good, bad, and ugly about the web.

Related legal topic(s): Classroom materials, Internet safety, Sexual assault

Transition is a magazine for and about Canada's families. Published quarterly by The Vanier Institute of the Family since 1970, Transition is read by policy-makers, researchers, educators, students, journalists, family-service workers, doctors, lawyers, parents, and many others interested in family issues.

Related legal topic(s): Family law general resources, Public policy

The Young Workers Zone was created by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety to help young people stay healthy and safe at work. Teachers, young workers, parents and employers can get the information and tools needed to venture into the work world on a safe footing.

Related legal topic(s): Public safety, Workers' health and safety